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Costa Mesa SDA Church

A Community of Vibrant Faith

Sabbath School 10:00am
Worship 11:00am



Our community of faith is committed to the worship of God in all its forms. We feel that one of our gifts in worship is to praise God in our togetherness as people. Whether young or old, traditional or contemporary, we approach hymns not as a manner of absolute tradition but as a way to discover the awesome majesty of God. To understand His nature and experience His glory as He reveals it to us. Through our instruments and through our voices, His praise is our ultimate aim.



We value very deeply the Word of God. As believers we know how richly it can transform our lives. The relevance of eternal guidance is as powerful today as when it was first written. As a local community of faith we are blessed to have a pastoral staff that preaches powerful messages each week. They share with us a Biblical journey that not only interacts with written words. Their approach demonstrate a relevant imagery that they themselves have not colored into the Word but rather has been uniquely impressed into the color of their own lives. Sharing the real to life message of Jesus that they have personally experienced and grown to love. The Jesus who loves us all!



We believe that worship is a shared experience. An experience that draws upon each other’s God given strengths for the purpose of gathering as one body before the Lord. We value relationships, conversations, to be a part of a dialogue together. Whether it is after church sharing refreshments, being involved in a specific church activity together, studying in God’s Word. There is value in the dialogue of faith. Will you share in that journey with us?



There are always ways to serve in our church. It is our belief that we are not here to fill titles and positions, rather the Lord provides us all with spiritual giftedness so that we can in turn help invigorate each others lives. Whether your joy is found in helping us with lunch preparation, planning activities, teaching a class, praying on behalf of members, we trust that there is a calling of service that the Lord guides us towards. Your desire to serve should flow from the wellspring of your heart.



Some say that children are the future of the church. We believe that they are our present. Our church makes it our aim to provide children with engaging experiences to learn in meaningful ways. Children’s Sabbath School provides enriching material to help children color, sing, hear stories from the Bible and most importantly get glimpses of the heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. During our Main Worship hour we invite children to come to the front and hear engaging stories that illustrate Christ centered principles and messages of love. More importantly we believe in the unity of family in worship. Togetherness is of strong meaning for us. The sound of children in our congregation is not a bother. Rather our culture relishes the pitter patter of feet, the sound of babies speaking, because they are all joyful indicators of how alive we are.




Like any congregation our church is comprised of a diverse body of members. We consider this our strength and respect its contribution to the overall health of our community. Our Sabbath morning classes reflect our commitment to enrichment and dialogue. We have classes that range in scope from following the traditional quarterly lessons to focusing in on specific books of the Bible. We also have groups that address the relevance of faith to the lives of young adults, as well as are those that are designed to serve the Japanese community. We enjoy what we have and those who come to be a part of it. Because in the end our togetherness enables us to grow in connectedness. We invite you to join us and to become a part of the dialogue we share with one another.